Our Mission

Who says you need to have one passion in life? At The Hobbyist Life we feel life is short enough so we are going to spend our time doing what we love and trying new things with each new day. Our mission is to change the idea of what a woman with a "hobby" is. We've created a space for women with vision to come, connect and see that even if we have different passions, we have a lot more in common than we think.

Lead contributors Meg and Becky know as mothers and women with passions of their own that it is sometimes hard for women to find balance within their lives. Whether that be a working mom, finding time to do something for herself while juggling work and mom duties, the stay at home mom who is struggling to hold on to her sense of self or the new graduate trying to find what sets her soul on fire in this world. The goal at The Hobbyist Life is to celebrate women and who are dreaming big and conquering life, while helping other women find what they are passionate about. 

Meet the Contributors

Meg McAlarney.

Meg is a lifestyle blogger and "Hobbyist" living back and fourth between New York City and Orléans, France (a small city south of Paris) with her husband Kyle, her one year old son, James and their golden retriever, Wooden. In 2010 she started a lifestyle and travel blog called, Jeans and Tees and Travel and Cakes, where she documented her travels and life experiences while living abroad. She wrote about things from fashion, to food, to every day struggles living away from family.  

After years of blogging she realized that writing was definitely a passion of hers and wanted to take a leap towards something greater. She saw writing as her vehicle for inspiring and connecting with other like minded women. Being unable to have a traditional job with her lifestyle, she created something, her blog, out of her hobbies, what she is passionate about. She often heard from other people that she had too many hobbies, as if having a few things you are into is a negative thing. Knowing that there were many women like her, however they want to define themselves, she wanted to connect with them. That's when the idea for The Hobbyist Life was born. The goal was to create a site where women feel open about discussing their passions, sharing their story, and where people can come and see that if you have a vision, are determined and ready to work hard, any dream can be accomplished.

The mission was and remains to change the idea of what a woman with a hobby is, to connect with as many people as she can, so that ideas are shared freely,  without judgment. She knew her sister Becky could help bring her vision to life and is so excited to be teaming up with her to bring you The Hobbyist Life. She hopes this site will give you a glimpse into her life as a "Hobbyist", someone who has many passions and wants to experience everything life has to offer. Meg's hobbies include running, being an amateur "momtographer", yoga, baking, making a good cocktail, crafting, party planning and she has an extreme love for interior design/decor and all things fashion related. 


Rebecca Perkins.

Rebecca Perkins is currently stationed with her husband of 11 years and her 3 rambunctious boys in the beautiful seaside town of Cape May, New Jersey.  She started baking as a hobby back in 2008, but it soon grew into a full out obsession. Soon baking gave way to a new found love of cooking, and now her tiny kitchen is her sanctuary.  If you walk past her kitchen window there is a good chance you'll catch her dancing, and singing off key as she experiments with some new recipe. She is extremely happy to be collaborating with her sister Meghan in this new venture, and she hopes her passion and her recipes will entice you to keep reading, and maybe help you to uncover your hidden passion for food. Her hobbies include devouring book after book, amateur photography, writing, trying to add some feminine DIY charm into a house fueled by testosterone, but mainly she loves watching her boys explore the world around them as we travel about the country with the US Coast Guard.

Becky, with Husband Chris and Sons, Jack 11, Sam 1 and Benjamin 7. Photo Taken by: Jessica Orlowicz from peachandport.com

Becky, with Husband Chris and Sons, Jack 11, Sam 1 and Benjamin 7. Photo Taken by: Jessica Orlowicz from peachandport.com

Fun Facts About Meg:

  • Meg got married to her best friend, Kyle on July 19th, 2013. 
  • She became a new mama to son, James on July 20th, 2015.
  • She's completed six full marathons. (NYCx2, Boston, Paris, Chicago & Seattle)
  • She's a certified Yoga Instructor
  • She admits that she is slightly obsessed with her golden retriever Wooden.
  • Coffee makes her extremely happy. 
  • Meg has six tiny tattoos.
  •  While living in New York Meg studied Fashion Merchandising Management at F.I.T. in Manhattan. 
  •  She lived in Athens, Greece for a year.
  • For the last five years Meg and her husband have lived back a forth between France and New York City. 
  • One of her life's goals is seeing Paul McCartney in concert. 
  • She's addicted to Ray-Ban sunglasses.
  • Meg is a huge Beatles fan.
  • She loves cheering on The Notre Dame Fighting Irish.
  • Sundays are her favorite day of the week.
  • She could listen to the Beach Boys "God Only Knows" on repeat, forever and ever.
  • Forest Gump is her absolute favorite movie of all time. 
  • Meg admits she is an extremely corny, hopeless romantic. 
  • She believes a little sparkle makes everything better. 

Fun Facts About Becky:

  •  She has  3 amazing sons, Jack  11, Benjamin 7 and Samuel 1 and a senior golden retriever named Charlie.
  • Her husband Chris is a proud member of the US Coast Guard
  • They've lived in Cape May, New Jersey for most of her husband's career, while making shorts stops in New York and Maine, and this summer they will be transferring to ??? 
  • She loves documentaries and the channel Investigation ID.
  • Her dream is to be on Cutthroat Kitchen.
  • Becky loves dancing, and admits that she doesn't always need music to do it.
  • She has the most amazing view of the Cape May Bay from her kitchen window. 
  • Over the years she has becomean expert lego builder.
  • She has evolved into "that" boy mom, and  can school anyone on topics related to super heroes, video games, and all things star wars.
  • If you say a quote from a movie, Becky pretty much will be able to name the movie it came from like 98% of the time. (Can we say,"Impressive!)

Thank you for taking the time to visit this page and be sure to keep coming back to check out The Hobbyist Life. 

"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire." - Anonymous 


Meg and Becky

Content Editor: Kyle McAlarney