Meet Rebecca

Rebecca Perkins is currently stationed with her husband of 11 years and her 3 rambunctious boys in the beautiful seaside town of Cape May, New Jersey.  She started baking as a hobby back in 2008, but it soon grew into a full out obsession. Soon baking gave way to a new found love of cooking, and now her tiny kitchen is her sanctuary.  If you walk past her kitchen window there is a good chance you'll catch her dancing, and singing off key as she experiments with some new recipe. She is extremely happy to be collaborating with her sister Meghan in this new venture, and she hopes her passion and her recipes will entice you to keep reading, and maybe help you to uncover your hidden passion for food. Her hobbies include devouring book after book, amateur photography, writing, trying to add some feminine DIY charm into a house fueled by testosterone, but mainly she loves watching her boys explore the world around them as we travel about the country with the US Coast Guard.

Fun Facts About Becky:

  •  She has  3 amazing sons, Jack  11, Benjamin 7 and Samuel 1 and a senior golden retriever named Charlie.
  • Her husband Chris is a proud member of the US Coast Guard
  • They've lived in Cape May, New Jersey for most of her husband's career, while making shorts stops in New York and Maine, and this summer they will be transferring to ??? 
  • She loves documentaries and the channel Investigation ID.
  • Her dream is to be on Cutthroat Kitchen.
  • Becky loves dancing, and admits that she doesn't always need music to do it.
  • She has the most amazing view of the Cape May Bay from her kitchen window. 
  • Over the years she has becomean expert lego builder.
  • She has evolved into "that" boy mom, and  can school anyone on topics related to super heroes, video games, and all things star wars.
  • If you say a quote from a movie, Becky pretty much will be able to name the movie it came from like 98% of the time. (Can we say,"Impressive!)