Meet Leigh

When I was 7, I enjoyed setting up the rooms in my Barbie houses more than I liked playing with the barbies. When I was 10, I loved restyling the shelves in my bedroom over and over again. By the time I was 15, I was moving around the furniture at least once per month. It has always been this way.

My style is ever-changing but my affinity for design is not. Putting together a gallery wall makes me happy. Finding a new house plant to take home gets me giddy and flipping through design books calms me. I am passionate about interiors in the same way that you may be passionate about cooking or working out or writing ; It's my thing.  

I look forward to showing you ways in which you can mix things up in your space without spending a ton of money or being a crafting queen. Your home should reflect who you are and I'm happy to provide you with some inspiration and hopefully a few ideas you want to replicate in your own digs!