Our Mission

Who says you need to have one passion in life? At The Hobbyist Life we feel life is short enough so we are going to spend our time doing what we love and trying new things with each new day. Our mission is to change the idea of what a woman with a "hobby" is. We've created a space for women with vision to come, connect and see that even if we have different passions, we have a lot more in common than we think.

Lead contributors Meg and Becky know as mothers and women with passions of their own that it is sometimes hard for women to find balance within their lives. Whether that be a working mom, finding time to do something for herself while juggling work and mom duties, the stay at home mom who is struggling to hold on to her sense of self or the new graduate trying to find what sets her soul on fire in this world. The goal at The Hobbyist Life is to celebrate women and who are dreaming big and conquering life, while helping other women find what they are passionate about.